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    You have a business and you want to increase its visibility. Whether a restaurant, a massage room, a cosmetic salon, specialized in nails or hair, you sell cloths, you want your next customer to pay you a visit. Chances are they will google you before. Give them the best of what you offer.


    Pictures are better than a thousand word. Photo speak by themselves. And there are things you cannot achieve with a camera smartphone. Bring the expertise and years of experience of a specialist who knows how to put things in value. Who knows and understand what your customers are looking at. Who will identify the key things that will make you different from your competitors. That will makle you shine.

    How we will do it

    Everything will be discussed beforehand altogether.

    Anything of the below can be done.

    • Professional headshots.
    • Capture of your office or business with location environment including your employees to showcase on your website and other promotional mediums.
    • Creation of slideshows using the  images, put with powerful music to enhance the impact of your visual marketing and increased community awareness.
    • Capture of short clips of video then combining them together (also with with still pictures) to make a movie which we can even upload to YouTube and Vimeo for your online presence.
    • Assembly of beautiful printed photo books to inform your clients with the complete “picture” and knowledge of your company; mission statement, vision, examples of your products, etc.
    • Event Photography – Capture those important moments, the ambience, the powerful people and networking connections, interviews and speakers and the overall “flavour”.



    It’s all about how you want your customers perceive you. Use my experience and my eyes.

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