Portrait Photography

    Photography in Zurich

    Portrait Photography

    What makes a good portrait photography?

    I will tell you here what is my vision and how we will make it. together.

    Photography in Zurich

    What is the the difference between a selfie and a good portrait : This is what i will capture with my camera : It is your emotions

    We can learn techniques (click here for Portrait Definition) …

    But catching emotions relies in the eyes of the photographer.

    This is not only about background, flashes, lights or not even the camera specifications. I will tell you how we will catch your emotions.

    Introduction : What makes a good portrait photography?

    Creative Portrait Photography is one of the most powerful kinds of professional photography. This is why much attention must be paid to it.

    As a result, a great portrait will last for years, because it will be memorializing a person’s entire life from childhood, or just a single instant at a given moment of life.


    headshot portrait photography

    Story : Creative Photography

    Portraits are just about one thing: YOU (and others if couple, family, kids, etc) and the inner person in them.

    It is where the emotion resides. Therefore, the objective is to capture those emotions that you feel. Hence making them radiating from you is the ultimate goal.

    It doesn’t matter whether I will  shoot a tight head shot or an environmental portrait because it’s all about YOU and the emotions and radiations I will capture.

    That will make you shine.

    Professional Photogrpahy : How we will do it

    Don’t be shy. A call or an email does not engage you.

    And of course, I speak German and the shooting will happen in German (or in English if you want…)

    We will discuss together whether it is will be outdoor shoot or a studio photo shoot. I have my own studio, but my own experience would recommend that we do it at your home, where you will fell more relax and without stress.

    Do not worry about the technical stuff. I bring everything we will need.

    Together we will concretize your ideas with an outdoor photo shoot or in my photo studio in Zurich or on location at your place. 

    Do you have a small company and want to show your personality in pictures instead of just a “headshot” on a gray background ? Then personal branding photo shoots are exactly what you need.

    Please look at the gallery below

    And feel free to contact me without any obligations. Link is below

    Conclusion : Your best portrait photography

    I love shooting portraits. They come with lots of fun and so many smiles.

    To shoot a great portrait I just need YOU who’ll stand in front of my camera. That’s it.

    Forget about the stuff I will bring (Flashes, background etc…) : it’s all about the person in the photo.

    That is YOU.

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