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Über mich

I am a photographer who wants and is able to capture emotions.

Eric Lambert Photographer
Colors of the Blue

I have a dedicated website for my Underwater photography work and publications. I encourage you to have a look.

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Photography by passion

I am physician by training but since I am child, I have developed a big obsession for photography.

Since the mid 90’s, I have been mostly dedicated to underwater photography and been regularly published in many magazines.

But in addition, photographing weddings, portraits of wonderful people from all over the world, restaurants and their tasty meals, real estate and apartments, or any business such as your cosmetic salon, is where I capture the emotions and translate it into my images.

People describe my photographic style as emotional, authentic, and much more important, modern.

Passion is in my blood, and when I have my camera in my hands, it is then part of my body. This passion powers the camera sensor.

I am driven by values

I am your photographer in Zurich.

I know why those pictures are important for you, whether it is an unforgettable ceremony, your business, your products, your brand, or something that needs to be promoted.

You just want results and this is what I am committed to.

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Why I am different

I think about, and create, exactly what YOU like.​

Intimate work is what makes great art. I think about ideas and subjects that you are passionate about, and explore them, with you. Because at the end, my work becomes YOUR pictures. 

My personal philosophy in photography is quite simple : I try to present WHAT YOU WANT in the best possible way, given the prevailing conditions. A great attention is then used when digitally processing the images, to ensure the final style exactly matches what YOU want with MY signature.

Photography in Zurich


Shrimps and raspberry


Photography in Zurich


Nature photography


Photography in Zurich

Real Estate

Photography in Zurich


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Super efficient

You don't need to pay for "hours". What you want is your pictures. This is what you pay for. And I know it.

Deeply committed

I know why you pay for the images. It is your brand, your product, your image, your business.

Highly skilled

I have years of experience. And I use the latest versions of softwares for photo editing, to ensure you get what you want.